Rehearsal/Performance Schedule: April 28-May 6

Sunday, April 28
12-6pm Tech Rehearsal – ALL hands on deck

Monday, April 29
Dress Rehearsal 3:15-9pm
Full hair/makeup/costumes

Tuesday, April 30
Dress Rehearsal 3:15-7:30pm
Costumes and tech only

Wednesday, May 1
Night Off! Get some sleep!

Thursday, May 2
6:25am Hair and Makeup Begins
9:15am Trailside Performance
10:30-11am Meet and Greet with Trailside
11-11:45am Lunch/Makeup Touch-ups
12:15pm LES Performance
1:30-1:45pm Meet and Greet with LES Schools
1:45-2pm Cleanup
2-3:15pm Watch performance

I will do my best to make it so that anyone who needs to ride the bus is able to do so.

Friday, May 3
3:30pm Hair/Makeup Starts
5:30pm BYO DINNER, you will not be allowed to go get food
6pm Hair/Makeup Checks
7pm Performance

Saturday, May 4
3:30pm Hair/Makeup Starts
5:30pm BYO DINNER, you will not be allowed to go get food
6pm Hair/Makeup Checks
7pm Performance

Sunday, May 5
12:30pm Hair/Makeup Starts
2:15pm Hair/Makeup Checks
3pm Performance
Cast Party 5-7pm

Monday, May 6
Set Teardown and Costume turn in

Rehearsal Schedule: April 22-26

*Friendly reminder: Please get all drama fees to Mr. Mueller as soon as possible. Thank you!*

Monday, April 22 – Easter Monday, No School

Tuesday, April 23 – Athletic Early Release
Full Cast 2:30-6pm

Wednesday, April 24
Full Cast 3:30-6pm

Thursday, April 25
Full Cast 3:30-6pm

Friday, April 26
Full Cast 3:30-6pm Makeup
Dinner 6-6:30pm
Full Cast Rehearsal 6:30-8pm
Cleanup 8-8:20pm

Rehearsal Schedule: April 15-19

Monday, April 15
Headshots with Mrs. Bebee from 3:15-4pm ALL CAST. Please wear a plain white shirt.

Tuesday, April 16
Rehearsal 3:30-5:30pm (full cast)
p. 1-35

Wednesday, April 17
Rehearsal 3:30-5pm (full cast) – p. 34-69

Dinner Break – 5-5:45pm

Rehearsal 5:45-7:30pm – Choreography Cleaning

Thursday, April 18 – Maundy Thursday
No practice, please take the worship opportunities at your local church

Friday, April 19 – Good Friday, No School
Ms. O is planning a possible set day this morning from 8-11am.
Not required.

Saturday, April 20
Ms. O is planning a possible set day this day. Time TBD.
Not required.

Rehearsal Schedule: April 8-12

*Friendly reminder: Please get all drama fees to Mr. Mueller as soon as possible. Thank you!*

Monday, April 8
3:20-5pm Costuming for full cast (minus track/softball)
Choreography practice when not called for costumes

5-5:45pm Dinner break
5:45-7:30pm Rehearsal (full cast) p.1-35

Tuesday, April 9
“Counting on You” choreography with Ms. O. (all Jocks and Brainiacs
(Gabriella/Troy, work on “When There Was Me and You” in practice rooms from 3:20-3:45pm)

p. 35-49 (Gabriella, Troy, Sharpay, Zeke, Taylor, Chad, Ryan, Coach Bolton, Jocks, Ms. Darbus, Jocks/Brainiacs, Kelsi)

Wednesday, April 10
3:15-5pm p. 50-55
#35 “We’re All in This Together” choreography (Chad, Taylor, Kelsi, Jocks, Brainiacs)
#36 “Bop to the Top (Chad, Taylor, Kelsi, Jocks, Brainiacs, Sharpay, Ryan, Jack Scott, Coach Bolton)

Thursday, April 11
#44 We’re All in This Together (reprise) choreography (full cast)

Friday, April 12
p. 35-59 Run Through (full cast)

5-5:45pm Dinner break
5:45-7:30pm Set painting (anyone available, we will start this earlier if we get through our run through earlier)

Rehearsal Schedule: April 1-5

Monday, April 1
RYAN, SHARPAY 3:30-5pm – What I’ve Been Looking For Choreography
REST of CAST 3:30-5pm – Costume Fittings and Stage Setting
ALL 5:30-7:30pm – #45 HSM Megamix

Tuesday, April 2 – Athletic Early Release
THESPIANS & DARBUS 2:30-3:30pm – Auditions/Bop to the Top
RYAN, SHARPAY 3:30-4:15pm – What I’ve Been Looking For Choreography
TROY & JOCKS 4:15-5:30pm – Getcha Head in the Game

Wednesday, April 3 – Early rehearsal to allow for Lenten worship
*UPDATED 4/2/19
3:15-4pm – Getcha Head in the Game (TROY, JOCKS, CHEERLEADERS come at 3:30pm)
3:15-4pm (Ryan and Sharpay review choreography in practice room)
3:15-4pm (Thespians and Darbus review choreography in Ms. O’s room)
FULL CAST 3:30-5:15pm 4-4:30 Review Wildcat Cheer
4:30-5:30pm- Stick to the Status Quo Choreography

Thursday, April 4
UPDATE 4/4 1:30pm
Tonight’s evening rehearsal has been cancelled.

Friday, April 5
ALL 3:15-4:15 Finish/Review Stick to the Status Quo
ALL #44 We’re All in This Together (Reprise) – 3:15 4:30-5:30pm
(tr. come when possible, record choreography)
ALL 3:15-5:30pm Wildcat Cheer Choreography
(tr. come when possible, record, choreography)

Rehearsal Schedule: March 25-29

Monday, March 25
Full Cast Rehearsal 5:30-7:30pm

Tuesday, March 26 – Athletic Early Release
Full Cast Rehearsal 2:30-5:30pm (track/softball missing)

Wednesday, March 27 – A Cappella @ Suns game
No Rehearsal

Thursday, March 28 – Student Service Day
Choral Rehearsal 2:15-5pm
Cast Measurements for costumes
Cast needed All

Friday, March 29
Choral Rehearsal 3:15-5pm (track/softball missing)
No Rehearsal (Ms. O. costuming)

Rehearsal Schedule Monday, March 4 – Friday, March 8

This is an odd week of rehearsals due to the spring concert, Ash Wednesday, and the impending AP Euro trip.

Monday, March 4
There will be no after-school rehearsals.

Tuesday, March 5
Full Cast Rehearsal 3:30-6:30pm

Wednesday, March 6
Full Cast Rehearsal 3:30-5pm
(Practice is shortened due to Ash Wednesday. Please take advantage of worship opportunities at your home church.)

Thursday, March 7
There will be no evening rehearsals due to the spring concert.
All students who worked with Mrs. Johnson last week during their study halls/classes should plan to do so again this day.

Friday, March 8
Athletic Early Release Schedule
Thespians 2:30-3pm

Counting on You: Chad, Taylor, Zeke, Martha, Brainiacs, Jocks, Gabriella, Troy, Jason, Kratnoff 3-4pm

*UPDATE to Wednesday, February 27*

Cast and parents,

I am making the decision to cancel practice for Wednesday, February 27. This decision is NOT made lightly. I’ve spent the majority of last night and early this morning coughing and not being able to breathe. I need to listen to my body and take a step back.

Please take the opportunity at home to work on the songs that are listed on the blog for practice. The songs folder was shared with you last night on your email.

I wanted to alert you ASAP for ride purposes. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience.

Ms. O.

HSM Rehearsal: February 25-March 1

Monday, February 25
All Cast Rehearsal 5-7:30pm
A pizza dinner will be provided.

Tuesday, February 26
Leads 3:30-5pm
Troy/Gabriella 3:30-4pm: “What I’ve Been Looking For (Reprise)” and “When There was Me and You” (practice rooms)
Sharpay/Ryan 3:30-4:15pm: “What I’ve Been Looking For” and “Bop to the Top” (with Ms. O.)
Chad, Taylor, Ms. Darbus, Coach Bolton, Kelsie 3:30-4:15pm: Running lines (Videography room)

Troy/Gabriella 4-4:15pm: “What I’ve Been Looking For (Reprise)” (with Ms. O.)
All others 4:15-4:30pm: break

All: 4:30-5pm “Breaking Free” (music room with Ms. O.)

Wednesday, February 27
All Cast Rehearsal 6-7:30pm
“We’re All in This Together”
“Wildcat Cheer”
“Start of Something New”
HEADSHOTS and MEASUREMENTS for all cast (Track missing will need to have this done on Thursday)

Thursday, February 28
Rehearsal 3:30-5pm
Troy and Jocks 3:30-4:30pm “Getcha Head in the Game” and “playoff” (with Ms. O. in the music room)
Sharpay, Ryan, Gabriella, Taylor, Martha, Kelsi, Darbus, Bolton: running lines (practice rooms)

4:30-5pm: all in music room (with Ms. O)

Friday, March 1
No Rehearsal