Callbacks 2/21

Good evening,
We would like to see the following individuals for callbacks tomorrow afternoon:
Aiden P.
Luke K.
Camden J.
Andrew G.
Charlie F.
Caleb P.
Josh K.

Adria C.
Madie L.
Grace G.
Ashley K.
Natalie E.
Emily M.
Julia M.
Tessa T.
Olivia K.
Rachel S.
All students listed above should plan on attending from 3:30-5pm. Please let me know ASAP if you are unable to attend for some reason. Materials will follow this email shortly.
This is not a final cast list. These are just individuals that we would like to hear read again. Do not freak out if you are not on this list. I repeat, do not freak out if you are not on this list!

Audition Times

Audition Times for Tuesday, February 19
Peyton Descheny
Adria Cereske
Noa Stotts
Barnea Kayenda
Julia Mockus

Cidney McCotter
Madie Lee
Joshua Kallies
Aiden Perry

Caleb Patterson
Grace Gray
Rachel Stahmann
Thomas Green

Andrew Green
Ashley Klebenow
Annette Bayer
Marissa Zaye

Jessika Plymesser
Emily Mullins
Luke Kiecker

Audition Music Files

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you’ve been able to grab your packets from the office and start to take a look at your audition materials. There are three songs in the packet. The first song, “Start of Something New,” should be prepared by those wishing to try out for Troy or Gabriella. The second song, “What I’ve Been Looking For,” should be prepared by those wishing to audition for Ryan or Sharpay. The final song, “We’re All in This Together,” will be sung by all individuals wishing to audition. The mp3s can be accessed by clicking on the name of the song in this paragraph. Any questions should be directed to Ms. O.

Tryout Information

Tryouts will take place on Monday, February 11 from 4-8pm. You will be assigned a group audition time based on your availability. This will be posted both here and on the office door on Friday, February 8. Please be on time to your audition. Audition practice tracks will be posted here later today.