HSM Rehearsal: February 25-March 1

Monday, February 25
All Cast Rehearsal 5-7:30pm
A pizza dinner will be provided.

Tuesday, February 26
Leads 3:30-5pm
Troy/Gabriella 3:30-4pm: “What I’ve Been Looking For (Reprise)” and “When There was Me and You” (practice rooms)
Sharpay/Ryan 3:30-4:15pm: “What I’ve Been Looking For” and “Bop to the Top” (with Ms. O.)
Chad, Taylor, Ms. Darbus, Coach Bolton, Kelsie 3:30-4:15pm: Running lines (Videography room)

Troy/Gabriella 4-4:15pm: “What I’ve Been Looking For (Reprise)” (with Ms. O.)
All others 4:15-4:30pm: break

All: 4:30-5pm “Breaking Free” (music room with Ms. O.)

Wednesday, February 27
All Cast Rehearsal 6-7:30pm
“We’re All in This Together”
“Wildcat Cheer”
“Start of Something New”
HEADSHOTS and MEASUREMENTS for all cast (Track missing will need to have this done on Thursday)

Thursday, February 28
Rehearsal 3:30-5pm
Troy and Jocks 3:30-4:30pm “Getcha Head in the Game” and “playoff” (with Ms. O. in the music room)
Sharpay, Ryan, Gabriella, Taylor, Martha, Kelsi, Darbus, Bolton: running lines (practice rooms)

4:30-5pm: all in music room (with Ms. O)

Friday, March 1
No Rehearsal